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Reach your ICO campaign goals with a tailor-made campaign for your project, including all necessary types of digital marketing.

What we do

Only half of ICO projects were able to collect more than $100,000 in Q1 of 2018. If you don’t want to fail like them you need to take care of consistent marketing. We can do this for you.


Paid advertising

Best-in-industry and 100% ROI-driven competence in Google Adwords, Google Display, Facebook and Adroll. Exclusive partnership with leading crypto ad-networks and affiliates to separate junk from the quality. Reasonable and cost-effective approach to reach the crypto audience across 120+ countries in 5 continents.

Social Media

You need to get trust of your customers and maintain relationship with them. How to do this? By utilizing power of variouse Social Media platforms.

ICO Dashboard

Front-end design and dashboard developments. Deploy our brilliant dashboard, tested to perfection to accept 100 contributions per minute. In a first, we have introduced in-house payment setups to reduce the 0.5% payment gateway cost.

Bounty Campaing

Seasoned Bounty team with an experience of 10+ successful ICOs. Run performance-driven bounty campaigns to boost content creation, blogs, youtube videos and Telegram engagement. We enable you to reach and pitch your project to our existing pool of 500k bounty hunters.

Influencer Marketing

Separate the truth vs the hype! Exclusive access to top influencers in the crypto industry and regional ones in the best-selling markets.

Explainer Videos

Product is the king. We create videos make it easier for the investors to be exposed to the product you are trying to communicate and the problem you are solving using blockchain.

Our Last project

We are during ICO of Tokeneo.

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