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Why every successful ICO project need to have an explainer video?

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US). (Cisco)


You need to attract many investors to achieve your ICO goals. Not every of them will have much time to read about your project.


The most successful ICOs in history attracted nice community. If you use diffrent styles of communication you reach better the audience.


Nowadays Google carry very much about position high websites, which engage visitors for longer time. Watching an explainer video will help.

Explainer video production process

Clear Process to Deliver Highly Effective Explainer Video for your ICO Project in 3 weeks

We know what you need to explain and market your blockchain project and achieve ICO campaign goals.

But on the second hand, we know that you need to make everything before deadline and you don’t have so much time. We designed our process to create everything without big investment of your time, but with full control. At every stage we will ask for your feedback and acceptance.

Potential Investors probably wouldn’t understand your project…

It’snot so easy to collect money anymore. Now you need not only to create a worthy project but also explain this well to your target audience. No one will invest in uncertain projects anymore.

We created a clear step by step delivering process to be sure that our explainer videos will be aligned with our customer vision and clear for their audience. At each stage, we will ask for your acceptance for the current stage of work.
But first, we want to know more about your project, goals and situation. Let’s meet for a quick call on skype and discuss about ways to make your project clear and attractive for



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